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Communicate with Confidence during your PLAB 2.

Discover over 50 hours of exclusive lectures covering all the possible PLAB 2 communication scenarios you could encounter. 

Your Personal Guide

  • Communication Encyclopaedia: The most extensive course giving you everything you need to know about this area of the PLAB 2 that candidates struggle on most. 
  • Pick and Use: Learn time tested words and phrases that you can easily use during your pressured PLAB 2 stations to wow your examiner. 
  • Practical Scenarios: Watch detailed interactions between your instructor and simulated patients to get a practical view of how to ace the stations!
  • Anytime, Anywhere: Fit the course around your schedule with unlimited access to our video and guidelines library. 
  • Guidelines Library: Boost your learning with access to our library of history taking documents, guideline summaries and protocols. 

Course Modules

    • Focused History Taking: Common Histories
    • Communicating Diagnosis and Management
    • Ethics and Professionalism
    • Consent, Capacity and Confidentiality
    • Breaching Confidentiality
    • Counselling: Dietary, Weight, Alcohol and Sexual Health
    • Breaking Bad News
    • Safeguarding
    • End of Life Scenarios and DNAR
    • Angry Patient
    • Angry Relative
    • Mistakes: Diagnosis and Management
    • Anxious Patient
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Non-Accidental Injury (Child and Seniors)
    • Psychiatry Assessments: AMTS, Mental Capacity and State
    • Uncooperative Patient
    • Bereavement
    • Treatment Refusal
    • Patient Education
    • Dealing with Complaints

    Course Details

    Our On Demand PLAB 2 Communication Course extensively covers all the possible scenarios you could encounter in your examination.

    History Taking: Use our unique system to ace any history taking station in the PLAB 2 and revise from our history taking summaries, which cover all possible conditions you could be assessed on in a structured manner.

    Diagnosis and Management: As you work through your course you will be able to combine the communication skills you gain with our summary guidelines to fluidly repeat your diagnosis formulation and management protocol for any condition you may encounter in the PLAB 2

    Difficult Stations: At the end of the course, you will be more than comfortable tackling the stations candidates struggle on most, including breaking bad news, counselling an underage patient, calming an angry patient and much more.

    Ethics and Professionalism: Our PLAB 2 course is up-to-date with all the recent changes including the addition of ethics, medico-legal, professionalism and prescribing based questions.

    High Yield Skills: At the end of the course, you will be a master at high yield communication skills, including picking up on empathy cues, reassuring the patient, sign posting and much more.

    After Your Course: We are here to support you throughout your journey to the UK. Get in touch with us at any point after your course for advice, suggestions or otherwise.

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    Your Instructor

    Hi there! I’m Dr O and I will be your course instructor for the PLAB at Docty. I have been teaching at PLAB level for over 6 years now and have seen all the tricks that examiners have up their sleeves! These courses have been put together following extensive research and a lot of hard work. I sincerely hope you benefit from them and can’t wait to welcome you!


    We have found that being in a comfortable and cozy environment with a warm cup of tea facilitates learning much better than being in a dreary old lecture theatre!

    The PLAB 2 Communication course is completely comprehensive and covers all the areas outlined by the GMC in the PLAB Blue Print; we do believe that you need to consult any resources outside of it, but you may do so if you wish.

    The PLAB 2 Communication Course is On Demand; meaning that you can access it anytime, anywhere. After you sign up, you will be granted access to our video and guidelines library to use whenever you please.

    The PLAB 2 course is taught by doctors from across the UK, all of whom have experience teaching at the PLAB level.

    You can make a transaction through our secure website using three main ways, including:

    • Any major debit or credit card
    • Paypal
    • Bank Transfer

    We love hearing from you! Please get in touch with us at or + 44 (0) 20 3886 0783.

    You can apply for a refund any time up to 14 days before your course and we would by happy to process it. Please email us at After this date, we are unfortunately unable to process any refunds. In the unlikely event of one not clearing their PLAB after sitting our course, we allow them to continue to use our resources for absolutely free of charge.

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