The most comprehensive and up-to-date PLAB 1 online course based on the latest UK clinical guidelines. 



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COURSE Overview

Our PLAB 1 online course is the most comprehensive course out there that covers all major aspects of your PLAB 1 examination and is fully based on the latest UK clinical guidelines to ensure you learn only the most up-to-date information to maximise your chances of success. Get a head start on revision with high-yield video lectures, beautifully summarised lecture notes, and an extensive question bank to help begin you on your journey to the NHS. 

Video Lectures

Discover a variety of engaging video lectures covering both the core PLAB 1 concepts and areas students often forget about. Each lecture has been carefully crafted to ensure we give you all the information you need to know to help you complete your revision efficiently and maximise your chances of success. 


Lecture Notes

For years we have noticed PLAB candidates using low quality and out-of-date lecture notes for their revision. This ends with our elegant, concise and up-to-date PLAB lecture notes. Discover investigation and management protocols organised into tables and flow charts to aid retention, learn about conditions analysed according to previous PLAB 1 questions and use our system of buzzwords to perfect your exam technique. 

Question Bank

Practice makes perfect, and we take this seriously with our extensive PLAB focused question bank. Discover the only bank of high quality questions based on previous examination papers to help boost your chances of success. Have a crack at this system by system question bank and carefully read the detailed explanations to maximise your performance.


The PLAB journey can be daunting, however, while you are with us, you are never alone! Use our discussion and comment boards to post your questions and get responses from our expert tutors, all of whom are practicing UK doctors, to help clarify anything you are unsure about. 

Start your PLAB Journey Today

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Umar

I’ll be your PLAB instructor here at Docty. Teaching is my passion and hobby, and I feel super lucky to have a role here at Docty helping all of you with your PLAB preparation. Click below to read more about my journey and what motivates me to help you succeed..


To access the course, simply either click on ‘start now’ or ‘free preview’. You will then be taken to a sign up page, where you can register your account and start learning.

Of course! You can access a free preview of the course by clicking on the ‘free preview’ button above and registering an account.

If you enrol on the course, your subscription will last 12 months. 

Please email us at and one of our tutors will get back to you as soon as possible.

The course is £395 for a 12 month subscription.