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About Us

The beginning of Docty is a deeply personal one.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a doctor.
Mine was the classic story.
From playing ‘hospital’ as a child to collecting dolls as my patients.
I was obsessed.
As I grew older, my interest only got deeper
I could not wait for the day.

I got a place to study medicine and worked hard at it.
As the years went on during medical school, my ambition only grew.
I had decided that I wanted to be a female surgeon and I wanted to train abroad.

And so begin my PLAB journey.

The PLAB journey is not an easy one.
With all the steps required; the language tests, the revision, the practice and the uncertainty.
It can be an immense strain on the mind and body.

Will I pass?
What if I fail?
I’ve invested so much money into this application.
What will people say if I fail?

I know how you feel.

I was once in your position.
Just finishing off my medical degree in Pakistan and afraid about how I could further my career in the UK.
At that time, there was limited guidance available and much of the preparation was done through advice provided by friends.

During my first attempt, I did not pass the PLAB 2.
And it was devastating for me. My parents had proudly told everybody how I would soon be going to the UK.
Suddenly everything came crashing down.

I became depressed and down. I had been working for this for a long time.
Why did this happen?
I wanted answers.

Around this time, I happened to be introduced to a doctor from the UK who was visiting Pakistan.
She explained to me the importance of clinical communication, ethical scenarios and the patient journey.
She taught me how to conduct a patient centred consultation, how to employ empathy and reassurance.

This time I knew I was ready.
Regularly seeking advice gave me the confidence I needed when I applied the second time.
And I confidently passed my PLAB 2.

My experience inspired me to begin Docty.
We began as a small service through Skype with myself as the single tutor.
Today, we have over 20 highly skilled and experienced UK tutors conducting several courses per month for all of you.

I would like to share my knowledge with you.
I want to you to start your journey to the UK with confidence.
I want to help empower you to attain the career of your dreams.
And to experience this amazing and fulfilling profession in the NHS.